The artist

Hello and welcome to my site.

Passionate about art I've have always been, I did my training in interior design I found my love for the air brush several years ago and this form of art had quickly become my passion. My goal is to merge air brush and interior design to create a setting and a unique atmosphere.

Specializing in murals, I can also do several kinds of projects. For more information about murals or your projects, feel free to contact me through my email. The air brush was a great discovery for me and so I offer you the opportunity to discover it yourself in a workshop ready to receive you.

Yannick Parent


General information about my training

 I started air brushing in the early years of 2000. Once I started, I was asked to teach. Even though I teach, I continue to seek learn with the best in the world in the industry.

Yannick during a stay in North Carolina where he was perfecting his art with one of the biggest names in Air brush, Dru Blair.